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Announcing the Robostak Gen. V Membrane-Less Laminator

Teknisolar is excited to announce that the Robostak Generation V laminator. Gen. IV was a success and with a few additional improvements has become Gen. V. Our lamination technology offers significant benefits to PV MODULE manufacturers, especially for glass-glass modules!

The Robostak Gen V laminator boasts 0mm of edge pinch on GG modules, and thickness deviation (edge flare) of up to only 70 microns.

In trials in the field, cycle times on GG laminations have successfully been reduced to less than 200 seconds using certain types of quality encapsulant materials, which means that 72 GG modules could be produced per hour on a laminator that holds 4 modules at once. With 96% uptime and modules that average 300Wp, this means one laminator could produce 180MW annually when working around the clock.

All of this with:

  • no edge distortion or skewing/sliding of layers in the module,
  • no edge pinch,
  • no encapsulant outflow,
  • no significant downtime,
  • no silicone membrane or other materials subject to wear and frequent breakage

and this means no scrapped panels due to defects or membrane breakage during the cycle, less downtime, possibility of eliminating the need for edge trimming, and longer life span of modules.

All of these points can add up to big savings for solar panel manufacturers, especially for GG modules.