Robostak™ - High performance lamination

A high quality lamination process is the most crucial step that influences the final quality of the solar panel, and the life of the solar panel. Typically lamination is achieved by each module being placed in a heated vacuum chamber where silicone sheets or membranes apply pressure by means of vacuum. The problem with the typical laminator is that silicone membranes tend to rupture frequently, and furthermore, because pressure around the edges of the solar panel is greater when a silicone membrane is used, the solar panel loses useful area around the edges. This edge pinch can also compromise the solar panel quality, especially when producing glass-glass panels, as the glass itself will tend to “return” to its original form over the years, allowing air and humidity to infiltrate the solar panel.

Teknisolar has built the solution that eliminates all of these inherent problems.

The main benefits of the Robostak™ membrane-less PV panel laminator are:

  • The same equipment can be used to process glass-backsheet modules and glass-glass modules – only requires a recipe-change
  • No costs and down time associated with membrane replacement (there is no diaphragm in the Robostak laminator!)
  • Reduced maintenance time and costs
  • No risk to scrap panels if one of the membranes suddenly fails
  • No EVA squeezed out due to edge pinch effect and reduced down time for cleaning
  • No need to temper the back glass to avoid breakages in case of glass-glass panels

Teknisolar’s unique solutions allow lamination of photovoltaic panels in a very short cycle time, greatly reducing production costs and energy consumption compared to current laminators available on the market.

List of Equipment

  • One loading conveyor
  • One Robostak diaphragm-free laminator
  • One curing section
  • One unloading conveyor with cooling system
  • Control panels and safety devices
  • Vacuum pump skid

Product Features

  • High heating uniformity +/- 2°c
  • Low energy consumption
  • Small footprint required for installation
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Fully automated
  • 12 month warranty period
  • Laminators are fully tested prior to shipment
  • Periodic check-ups
  • Phone support line and remote assistance
  • Emergency call out service
  • Spare parts management

Our laminators are available in four dimensions. The following calculations are based on minimum cycle times possible (proven with certain types of encapsulant), 350 working days per year, 24-hours of production per day and PV modules with average 350W output. (Glass-glass modules will require a slightly longer cycle time so the MW capacity will be lower – contact us for more information)

1-module laminator: 85MW

2-module laminator: 170 MW

3-module laminator: 255 MW

4-module laminator: 340 MW

Cycle time depends on the composition of the module.

Record cycle time:

Teknisolar uses a multi-step crosslinking process that allows the module to stay in process long enough to reach optimal gel content, perfect adhesion, perfect edge sealing, defect-free lamination without increasing cycle time.

Contact us to find out how your company can test products on our prototype laminator before placing an order