The next generation of high performance PV panel manufacturing technology

R&D Service

The lamination process is often referred to as the “bottleneck” in solar panel production lines in terms of cycle time, productivity and product reliability; it is also the most delicate phase since it seals panels that will be exposed to environmental stressors for a long period of time, and their efficiency must be guaranteed for at least 25 years.

With Robostak laminator there is the possibility of customizing the system to fully satisfy the customer’s requests. The customization process starts with a technical study of the configuration of the modules to be laminated, and continues with execution of tests carried out in two stages:

  1. Preliminary trials using  clients different sets of materials
  2. We invite the client to visit and participate in further testing and perfection of the process.


 Our technical team then prepares a detailed report of the results obtained, demonstrating and highlighting the functionality and efficiency of the proposed lamination line configuration.