The next generation of high performance PV panel manufacturing technology

Turnkey PV panel manufacturing lines

Teknisolar is offering Turnkey lines in collaboration with partners that supply equipment MADE IN EUROPE. Quality of equipment is often sacrificed for a lower initial price. Solar panel manufacturers, however, must evaluate the high long-term operating costs (OPEX) and the losses to profit that may result when low-quality equipment is used in production lines. Teknisolar is committed to supply of the highest quality equipment because these machines will allow PV module companies to reduce operating costs, reduce downtime, reduce maintenance costs,  increase throughput and increase quality of the final product.


  • partnering with trusted quality equipment suppliers
  • patented lamination technology by Teknisolar, made in Italy
  • integration of all equipment by specialized companies

What this means for CAPEX:

Teknisolar guarantees that the initial investment will always pay off because

  • fewer lines are required to reach the same throughput of competitors
  • clients are able to customize parts of the line
  • footprint is smaller than competitors due to fewer lines required
  • downtime is lower with higher quality equipment

Solar panel technology is changing constantly, and the equipment for producing them must also keep up. Teknisolar offers this flexibility and quality by partnering with the best.

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