Used Equipment & Machines for Solar Panel (PV module) Manufacturing

Starting out in the solar business? Investing in a few low-cost pieces of machinery can help to jumpstart your production line, or increase your production capacity. Automated processes require less manpower but in some countries where labour costs are lower, this is not always needed. Any of these solar panel process machines can be integrated into a production line.

This is the second hand PV machinery and solar panel production equipment that Teknisolar has available for purchase:

Laminator, Eco-progetti

Laminator characteristics:

  • includes entrance conveyor with alignment, and exit conveyor
  • includes 3 vacuum pumps and pump closet
  • Lamination area: 1950mm x 4400mm divided into 4 platens
  • Each platen contains 12 heating resistances with three different control zones. Temperature control is managed by a PID system. Temperature uniformity: +/- 2°C
  • Silicone membrane with quick-change clamps around laminator edge
  • Teflon coated belts under and above PV modules

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Solar Panel Framing machine, Semi-automatic

Framing machine characteristics:

  • max. pv module dimensions: 2000mm x 1000mm
  • min. pv module dimensions: 1000mm x 600mm
  • crimping on long side of the frame
  • includes ethernet connectors

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Flash test sun simulator


  • LED lamps, immediate feedback, high efficiency light
  • test impulse can be personalized
  • working height: 900mm from ground, can be installed in line with exisiting equipment
  • 2-6 seconds test time
  • light power is measured by a pyranometer
  • includes sensor to monitor working temperature
  • Class A spectrum and constant uniformity
  • LED lamps have a 35000 hours life
  • Lit area: 2000mm x 1200mm

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